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About Us


Coronado International School, is a private, bilingual school, founded by initiative of Grupo Coronado to offer quality education to the Coronado community and neighboring areas. We offer integral and quality education, based on an international approach. Our curriculum contemplates the different ways to learn and the different cultural perspectives to enrich the knowledge of the XXI century global society.

From preschool to high school education we promote the development of personal and academic excellence in all the members of our learning community.

We offer each student a wide range of opportunities to know and increase his/her potential developing necessary abilities ad competences for the success in their lives as citizens of the world.

Strategically located in a 5 hectares site, in an optimal environment for learning, away from noise and pollution, Coronado International School is an alternative for the families seeking quality of life and quality education for their children.

Our installations are an invitation to practice all kinds of sports: tennis, swimming, soccer, etc.


We are an education community which promotes the development of personal and academic excellence of all its members in a stimulating and enriching environment.

We prepare our students to assume with knowledge and self-confidence the commitment to be century XXI citizens.


To be recognized as an institution that educates people who have impact, transform, and transcend because of their commitment with society, their concern for the environment, the defense of democratic values, and their respect for inter-cultural differences.